The Silent Ionic Air Purifier is the feature product of the Andatech product range.

The benefits of this air purifier include:

• Cleaner air through Powerful Emission of Negative Ions

• No filters to replace. This electrostatic air cleaner traps airborne pollutants on permanent stainless steel dust collection blades that slide out for easy cleaning. You will save the typical cost for HEPA replacement filter.

• It kills germs. The built-in germicidal ultraviolet light kills virtually all the airborne micro-organisms that circulate into the unit.

• Three level power control to set desired Hi, Med or Low plus TURBO function. It circulates air electronically with no motor, no fan and no noise at all.

• Cleans 24/7 for cleaner, fresher and healthier air.

• Saves money. Ionmax ION388 requires no more than 28 watts to power all functions at their highest settings. It should only cost around 20 dollar per year to operate 24/7. Other features include:

• Traps airborne allergens and contaminants

• Features an Ultraviolet (UV) Germicidal light to help kill airborne bacteria, mould and viruses.

• Energy efficient and inexpensive to operate.

• Totally silent.

• Covers up to 800 square feet.

• Generates millions of negative-ions, 2 millions /cc

• Eliminates many common household odours.

• omplies with current international safety requirements for low ozone emissions (less than 0.05 ppm).

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