Bark Busters Home Dog Training

DOG TRAINING in the comfort of your home.  Our results are guaranteed - we come back free of charge should you have any problems after we leave. You will see a huge difference in your dog ON THE DAY of training. We cover all aspects of behaviour - aggression, jumping up, sibling rivalry, all basic obedience, barking, off lead control, separation anxiety, overexuberance. We do not use food to bribe - or bark collars.

After one lesson you will have control and your dog will be happy too. We may set you 5 minutes of 'homework' to continue with after we leave.

Our methods are NATURAL, straight forward and easy - we look at your dog's temperament and tailor the training to what suits you, your family, and your dog.

We offer a lifetime guarantee - even if you move interstate, your guarantee goes with you.


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