100% pure Australian Beeswax candles with pure cotton wicks. Our range includes; Pillars, votives & tealights - something for everyone.

Our beautiful 100% pure Australian Beeswax candles with pure cotton wicks are individually handmade from our Sydney studio. Our candles are naturally fragrant, with a subtle honey aroma and produce a bright, steady and beautiful flame.

Unlike other natural candles on the market place, our products are environmentally sustainable, locally sourced and contain no: Paraffins, Palm Wax, Soy Wax, Bleach, Synthetic fragrances, Synthetic colourants, Toxic fumes.

Rest assure that when burning one of our beautifully hand-crafted candles that the sweet honey aromas that fill the air are actually good for you (unlike other types of candles), as beeswax is a natural ioniser. They actually emit negative ions when burned and are fantastic at cleaning the air of dust, viruses, odours and other allergens.

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