Byrne and Love

Buy the luxury Perfume Candles online at lowest price from Byrne and Love. Choose from a wide range of best smelling candle, from top and renowned brands like Harlot, Avalon, Baile, and much more. Visit us and buy scented candles at the best price.

Byrne & Love was born for lovers, dreamers and poetry readers. We carefully create scented candles that are thoughtfully curated and luxurious. Our authentic styles get inspiration from exciting love stories, moments that are special and memories that make you smile. You can choose our coconut and mandarin or the leather and cedar wood scented candle, each of them has a magical ability that will take you down the memory lane and on a beautiful journey in time.

Each of the Byrne & Love candle is handcrafted in Australia using the finest oil wax available, cotton which is lead free to make wicks and phthalate-free perfume oils that are infused with essential oils creating an aroma of magic. We are proud of our meticulous craftsmanship, luxurious ingredients and the fact that all these candles are produced locally. Based in Avalon Beach in Sydney, we are proud to be an Australian business (with a pinch of Irish).

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