Clothesline Shop Sydney

The Sydney Clothesline Shop specialises in all your clothes drying needs and can guarantee to find you the best solution for all your laundry needs whether large or small.

We carry a large range of products from your typical ‘Hills Hoist’ rotary clothesline that your kids used to swing on in the back yard to the increasingly popular wall mounted foldown clotheslines which are also available as a freestanding clothesline for anywhere in your lawn, courtyard or patio area.

Sydney is a busy city and drying space can sometimes prove difficult, we have a range of portable drying racks as well as the unique ceiling mounted clothes dryers.

The Kitchen Maid range combines energy saving efficiency with old world charm and is available exclusively through the Clotheslines Sydney Shop.

If clothesline installation is needed for the larger outdoor clotheslines we can provide this service in Sydney, or if you prefer the D.I.Y. approach then all our clothesline products come with detailed instructions.

Clothesline Shop Sydney Products

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