Draffin - Inwel Manufacturing

Today Draffin - Inwel Manufacturing warehousing facilities extends to over 25,000 sq ft and our eco product range to hundreds of fabricated designs under the Draffin brand.

Draffin is still a family business, with Eddie’s sons Donald, John and Brian still firmly at the helm.

Today, however, our design and manufacturing expertise is now directed at Street and Parkland Furniture, litter bins, tree guards, outdoor signs, planter boxes, wheelie bin surrounds and accessories, locking posts and much more.

This web site handsomely portrays our ability to produce quality products in a range of materials including timber, steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic in a range of popular finishes.

At Draffin we are constantly developing innovative new ideas and better ways to improve our manufacturing procedures, as well as the extensive Draffin range.

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