Eco Furniture Supplies

Eco furniture and Timber has been established for 12 years in Byron Bay. It has evolved from the perceived need to maintain the traditions of good joinery and technique in the manufacture of furniture as well as utilizing the beautiful remnant resources from this region.

This we do well and differently to most others as is exhibited in these pages of furniture. Eco furniture has been actively involved within the local environment with regard the utilization of Camphor Laurel timber and general popularization of this first grade furniture timber. Subsequently through accredited research instigated by Eco Furniture we have found one of the optimum uses for the "character" pieces of Camphor Laurel is the cutting board.

This we have evolved into nearly an art form, maintaining the sheer beauty of the timber into a practical usable object suitable for every kitchen in the world. Fortunately this is a sustainable resource needing to be removed to make way for native regeneration. We have a large client base who keep us on our toes and constantly make new demands in the way of furniture design. We have many superb pieces in homes all around the world.

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