Green Gifts Australia

Green Gifts Australia sells an inspiring range of stylish, innovative and high quality 'green' gifts for all ages via our online store for delivery within Australia ($9.95 to any destination) and overseas.   Green Gifts Australia appeal to the growing number of forward thinking consumers with a conscience who want to buy ecofriendly, ethical, organic, sustainable and fair trade products for their friends and family.

Choose from:
•       Fair trade jewellery and accessories
•       Fair trade toys and sports balls
•       Fair trade homewares
•       Organic and sustainable body care
•       Organic and fair trade clothing
•       Eco gadgets that are energy saving or run on earth friendly power sources
•       Recycled and fair trade cards and gift wrap
•       And more....

Green Gifts Australia can also gift wrap and are happy to send orders direct to the lucky recipient – invaluable if you are a little late in remembering a birthday or other special occasion.

To browse our range of inspiring gifts please visit our website.  There you will find designer clothing brands such as Etiko and Pants to Poverty, skilfully crafted silver jewellery from Tintsaba, and the elegant fluidity of Ngwenya glassblown ornaments made from 100% recycled glass.  For the more practically minded there are self-powered devices from Freeplay, recycled Onya backpacks and BPA-free stainless steel H2Onya water bottles to name just a few.  So take a look and Give Green Australia!

Giving a gift is a joyous experience — as is receiving one. We believe that giving brings even more pleasure when you know that your gift is also making a positive difference to our world.  Individually, each of us has the power to help create a more sustainable future by choosing to purchase more environmentally friendly and socially responsible products.  By choosing to buy stylish and high quality 'Green Gifts' through us you will be helping to build that future.

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