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Green Potions will help your life easier and help taking care of our environment as we produce our own eco-friendly cleaning products. All of our products are made in Queensland, Australia and we have been running this business for more than 10 years. Our products have been through numbers of testing for the dirtiest jobs.

Recently, our products have been re-designed, so that customers or cleaners can mix the product quickly and economically with any fragrances that best suit your house style or mood. We supply many different choices of essential oils for it. Our products will make the cleaning process faster and easier as professional eco-friendly cleaners have tried them. Our Green Potion No. 11, the Kitchen Exhaust Degreaser is the most outstanding cleaning product, even a Food Service Manager from NASA’s cafe surprised with it. Our potions will lessen the use of any elbow grease as our product will do all the cleaning easily. 

Even kids love our products and it is safe when kids help cleaning things because our products do not contain any toxic chemicals and have many scents that the kids love. Our cleaning products can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. We also sell sanitizer, toilet bombs and butterfly pea tea. Every product is eco-friendly and non-toxic for people and the environment.

Green Potions Co Products

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