IKOLEJI - The Healthy Home Shop

Ikoleji (pronounced “I” as in You and I; and “Koleji” as in e’cology- the science of living organisms and their relationship with their environment) is an innovative new concept store located in the heart of Beechworth.

We believe that healthy home begins with the products you use and have therefore brought together an eclectic range of products guaranteed to do No harm to you, your family or our planet.

Our range includes toxic free cleaning products, organic skin, hair and personal care products, 100% bamboo sheets and towels, organic hemp bed linen, certified leach proof drink bottles, BPA free lunch box alternatives, natural plant based paints and stains and much much more!

In addition, as a Building Biologist trained in assessing if your home is affecting your health and if so what to do about it, owner Narelle is able to offer advice on how to ensure your home nurture and supports your health and wellbeing.

IKOLEJI - The Healthy Home Shop Products

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