Insulco Ceiling Insulation

Insulco are the Ceiling Insulation specialists. Insulating your roof or ceiling with Insulco Ceiling Insulation is the most cost effective way of controlling the outside elements to make your home more comfortable.

Roof insulation, such as reflective foil sarking or foil faced building blankets, will help to reduce radiant heat from entering the home in summer will also provide some winter thermal protection.

Ceiling and Roof Insulation also provide other benefits. For example, sarking under tiles acts as a second layer of protection. A building blanket under a metal roof will provide some sound insulation (deadening the sound of rain and hail) and protect the metal from corrosion by reducing condensation on the underside of the roof.

Ceiling insulation will help to slow the transfer of heat into or out of the home and can save you up to 45% on the level of energy required to heat or cool your home. Basically, if your ceiling is not insulated, warm air generated by heating systems in winter would end up in the roof space, while in summer, heat building up in the roof space will enter your home.

Ceiling Insulation now have a $1,600 government rebate opportunity.

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