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 Aluminum bi fold doors
Opulence aluminum bi-fold doors are ready for use in best choice of most colors and solar control double glazing as standard with fast delivery services.
Aluminum bi-fold doors are especially renew for their facility of performance and devoted in service and our doors also well-being from a dual roller system at the base with the panel peaks also guided by roller for flat running and easy working. There is no heavy-weight lintels required as the doors are base rolling and not swing from the peak. Most bi-fold doors fitting will require dribble inlet to meet building regulation requirements. JA aluminum has extraordinary and exclusive frame extender is sketch to gives anti-discrimination trickle ventilation to your new aluminum bi-folding door so the slim and sight lines are not spoilt by ugly face fixed trickle vents. Aluminum bi fold doors are ideal for use as conservatory doors and are mostly requested by customers who feel aluminum provides a stronger durable door especially when wider openings are required. A lot of colors are available on customer demand.
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