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Liquid Magics Citrus Cleaner

The Ultimate Spray & Wipe 

The Environmental Solution Cleaner / Degreaser Super Strength Concentrate. That can replace all the expensive and toxic hazardous chemicals around the home or business and a fraction of the cost!
When you buy most commercial cleaners you are buying mostly water. With Liquid Magics Citrus Cleaner the environmentally friendly cleaner, you add your own water. We thereby pass the savings in mixing and shipping on to you.

Why Pay for Water!! Save money while you are saving the planet.

Just by adding water to Liquid Magics Citrus Cleaner - a concentrate made from natural citrus oils -you can custom-blend your own cleaning products. You will be amazed at how this "Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic & People Friendly" cleaning product matches and out performs most other products available today!
Instead of using a different product for every need.
Liquid Magics Citrus Cleaner has the ability to tackle everything from light uses at home to heavy industrial and commercial applications.

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