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Nanotech Products Pty Ltd is the sole Aust / NZ distributor of the Nanoman range of Nanotechnology enabled coating and sealant products. The Nanoman range is Australia's largest range of nanotechnology consumer, domestic and commercial products.

By choosing nanotechnology based coatings on your timber, stone, windows, bathroom, shower, kitchen or car you can expect the following benefits:

• Protect your expensive surfaces from hard water mineral deposits.
• Eliminate the use of harsh cleaning solutions, environmental pollutants and weathering.
• You can do your bit in protecting the environment and making your home low-maintenance.
• Your surfaces will show better resistance to scratches and stains over a long period of time.
• You end up saving significant amounts of time and money that you would otherwise spend in maintaining your house.
• The occurrence of mould and bacteria on moist surfaces such as shower enclosures is reduced.

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