New Life Recycled Timber Furniture Co

 New Life Recycled timber furniture combines the love of quality workmanship and the passion of an environmentally conscious product which is striving for a cleaner, healther future for us all. Our furniture is hand crafted from recycled timber giving a new life to the timber which has history.  Using recycled timber is not only sustainable but it add charater and warmth.  

Traces of history are displayed in each piece, from nail holes in old floor boards, to step treads with bolt holes, all our timber is sourced locally. These characteristics make each piece unique and the timber is matched to each piece creating a more vibrant pieces of furniture.

Quality furniture lasts and we have reverted back to traditional method of joinery to produce a solid and long lasting piece of furniture which would be a proud  and attractive addition to any home or business.

Our commitment is not just focused on using recycled timber, but also in the way the furniture is finished, we have taken time to source natural product to ensure our furniture is as environmentally friendly as possible.


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