Pickawall(Head Office)

 Our expertise and passion for printing on all types of fabric and vinyl products helped us manufacture what we believe is the best Self-Adhesive, Removable wallpaper product on the market today.


Every Pickawall is customised to suit your décor or space, As leaders in our industry we print our wallpaper using the latest in safe ink technology, which is odourless and free of toxins for the safety of your family & environment.

Thanks to Pickawall, you can say goodbye to blank walls forever.
Pickawall’s dynamic website opens up a whole world of possibilities where you are the artist and designer – and the blank wall is your canvas.
Our library content is powered by the world’s biggest photo libraries and gives you instant access to more than 80 million images at No Charge. You can also customise your wallpaper by simply uploading your own photo or design or talk to us and we can help do it for you.

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