Simply Bamboo - Bamboo Flooring Perth

 Simply Bamboo as been supplying and installing quality engineered bamboo flooring for over 10 years.  The owner of the business Marcus not only imports  his own bamboo from China but he also goes out on a day to day basis and lays the flooring. This way the company can see that the quality of the floor is maintained from the factory, to the installation of our customers homes.

The engineered bamboo flooring that Simply Bamboo imports is check for quality with our staff in China which works independent from the factory to assure that we have a point of contact in China. 

Simply Bamboo has also introduced the Fidbox which is a measure device that measures the temperature and relative humidity on the surface of the floorboard and on the concrete continuously for years.  It is also a data logger for long term data recording.  Fidbox is concealed in the bamboo flooring itself and does not effect the structural integrity or normal. usage of the floorboards.





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