Tile And Grout Cleaning Sydney

Cleaning an oven is a horrifying service but cleaning tiles and grout must be a pretty close second. It usually involves a great deal of scrubbing and the outcome is often cleaner – but not clean – tiles, dull grouting and severely aching muscles. Dirt and grime can build up rapidly making tiles look dull. With kitchen tiles a layer of grease or sticky dirt becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms which pose a serious health risk. Tiles are also often used in rooms where there is some humidity in the air such as bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens. This often leads to the growth of mould or mildew on grouting which is porous and therefore becomes unclean speedily. Apart from looking bad, mould and mildew also have an effect on our health as their spores have been linked to a range of unpleasant, even serious, medical conditions. Finally, dirty floor tiles can become hazardously slippery, especially when they are wet. Some products sold in stores really leave a residue on tiles.

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