Us & The Earth

Us and the Earth are specialists in eco-friendly home and lifestyle products. Save money and the environment with reusable kitchen and food storage products, plastic free items for the bathrooms and other sustainable goods made with organic and recyclable materials. Focusing on reusable, hand selected, earth friendly products to help you save money, eradicate single use plastics, reduce your waste and assist the environment.

Lovely gift ideas, beautifully designed packaging for those that are conscious of being planet friendly. What is a better start to a sustainable journey than enhancing your kitchen items to be those that are better for the environment! Check out our Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Kit Which has silicone bowl covers, silicone ziploc storage pouches, organic cotton produce bag and other eco-friendly goodies that will make you a zero waste warrior

Do your bit with using sustainable products and find a wide variety of such products on our website- Get in touch for any enquiries.

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