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High quality hand crafted wind chimes for sale. Free delivery for orders over $100 Australia wide!

We sell -->

*Precision Tuned Koshi Chimes (4 beautiful melodies that can be played together)
*Precision Tuned Zaphir Chimes (5 beautiful melodies)
*Japanese Wind Bells (Furin)
*Glass Wind Bells (Edo Furin)
*Modern Brass Wind Bells by Nousaku (Japan)
*Ceramic Wind Bells from Imari (Japan)
*Copper Temple Bells
*Wind Gongs
*Aeolian Wind Harps (finely crafted)

Express post is available for an extra $3-$6. We also deliver worldwide.

We try to keep as small a carbon footprint as possible. Some of our wind chimes are made using eco friendly materials. We use recycled packaging and run an almost paperless office.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries about wind chimes or our website.

Anthony & Carol

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