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 STS Plumbing services in north shore of Cremorne. Our plumber services provide quality assurance at very competitive rates in Cremorne.


STS Plumbing has been based on the North Shore for 6 years. We understand the area, and the people, and we believe this is important when providing a high quality plumbing service at low cost and with no fuss.
Why call in a huge plumbing company from another region in Sydney, and be charged extortionate rates, when you can call us and be guaranteed good value work from a local business on the North Shore.
STS Plumbing offers competitive rates as well as quality assurance for all our plumbing, gasfitting, roofing and commercial services. We own and maintain all the high quality machinery that is required for the services we provide; including water jets, locaters and electric eels.
If you need some professional advice over the phone from a local North Shore plumber, give Simon a call on 0403 568 118.

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