1 Million Women

We are motivated to build a global movement by women, and empowering women to act on climate change by bringing simple changes to the way they live. 1 Million Women hopes to connect women and girls from all across the globe to build a lifestyle revolution to combat climate change. Use our 1 Million Women app to create your own groups where you can discuss the changes you are making to your lifestyle and motivate others to do the same. 

Need more ideas? Our Ceo recently published her book- "Every Woman's Guide To Saving The Planet" which talks about simple changes you can bring to your lifestyle towards sustainability and building a greener planet. It is a pleasant and informative read.

Our anthem is called "You're The Voice" and it encapsulates all the values our organisation stands for and the message we wish to convey to the world. We together can make a huge difference. Will you join our movement?

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