2SER Radio

The mission of Sydney Educational Broadcasting Ltd (2SER Radio) is to operate community radio station, 2SER-FM, and related media services, providing a stimulating forum for learning and the expression of alternative ideas, informed by and promoting principles of social justice.

In pursuit of its mission the company anticipates, reflects and responds to the social, cultural and educational needs of the diverse Sydney community. The Company is committed to freedom of enquiry and the pursuit of excellence in educational broadcasting and the promotion of interaction between community groups.

The station seeks to achieve these objectives in the following ways:

(a) Producing a wide range of talk and specialist music programming aimed at servicing the needs and interests of the members of the wider Sydney community regardless of age, ethnic or socio-economic background.

(b) Promoting through its programming a sense of intellectual integrity, open mindedness and a sense of the importance of ideas.

(c) Encouraging participation in station activities by members of the community, including provision of experiential learning opportunities for individuals interested in radio.

(d) Providing as much access as it reasonably can to disadvantaged groups in the community.

(e) Using methods and forms of programming which encourage interaction between educators and the audiences.

(f) Developing and presenting programs which promote education and wider participation in life long learning

(g) Assisting parent institutions to achieve their community outreach objectives by facilitating their interaction with community groups.

(h) Encouraging innovation and diversity in forms and content of broadcasts.

Station activities and practices should recognise the central role played by the mainly volunteer workforce.

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