Action Change E-magazine

Welcome to Australia’s Brightest Green e-Magazine!

The first issue of AC came out July 2006 with the aim to inspire people to take action to make positive change in their lives and for the planet.

Being a funny kinda gal, Christine wanted the e-zine to be positive and light as a counterpart to all the gloom and doom out there about the environment.

In her years as an activist, she realised that most people don’t take action on ethical issues because it’s all painted so dark, so ominous, and seemingly so hopeless, that no one believes they can make a difference. But Christine knew there were many other colours in that rainbow, so she set out to make a change.

The idea of the magazine is to provide a snapshot of what’s happening in global transformation and let readers decide what they want to do.

Each fortnight the e-mag is sent straight to your email inbox where you can flick through the articles of interest, write a letter, take an action, or just get more informed about all the good things going on.

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