Air-Met Scientific

Our aim is to enhance the quality of human lives by providing support, lifetime service and equipment for measuring hazardous substances and conditions in the environment.

Air Met is one of Australia’s market leaders in the supply and service of cost-effective eco solutions dedicated to the protection of personnel in the workplace.

We back those solutions with a high level of customer support through the provision of technical data, application information and instrument service, repair and calibration facilities.

Typical applications for Air Met products are:

• Monitoring of confined spaces for oxygen deficiency

• combustible and toxic gases

• Measuring exposure levels of solvent vapours

• Sampling of asbestos and hazardous dusts

• Measurement of sound pressure levels and noise dose · Measurement of WBGT heat stress indices

• Monitoring indoor air quality

• Monitoring carbon monoxide in car parks

• Monitoring industrial areas for combustible and toxic gases

• Monitoring and measuring non-ionising radiation.

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