Eussen Consulting

Eussen Consulting provides professional advice and service in a range of areas, including:

• Keynote speaking that aims to promote awareness of and encourage support for targeted lifestyle, social and business concepts within the industry

• Implementing targeted media coverage through a mix of advertising, public relations and editorial concepts, drawing on an extensive database of contacts

• Providing key trend and lifestyle reports and implementing modern business adaptations to reflect international or seasonal decorating trends

• Boosting promotional development, including creating original marketing material and identifying possible promotional opportunities

• Performing marketing audits, including identifying the potential of current marketing techniques and developing strategic brand management controls

• Coordinating and managing events such as trade shows, client and consumer presentations or new product launches

• Conducting industry-specific training for both employees and consumers via a range of effective teaching mediums

• Identifying and developing complementary business networks to boost business profile, ensure brand longevity and expand marketing reach within the industry

• Providing textile manufacturing and trade networks on both a domestic and international basis

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