Mobium Group

Mobium Group is a team of management consultants, market and social researchers and scientists.

The firm assists organisations make decisions about issues and market opportunities related to sustainability, technology, health and wellbeing.

Mobium Group’s skills include primary consumer, social and market research, economic modeling, environmental science, structured communications and business analysis. We have particular strengths in retail, financial services and technology and experience across a wide variety of industries and markets in Australia, Asia and the US.

Mobium Group conducts the annual Living LOHAS consumer survey that tracks Australians consumers’ desire for and participation in healthier, more sustainable lifestyles and consumption habits. Headline data from the Living LOHAS studies is published on this website as a public service. Full survey results and custom question sets are available to our clients.

Our work is varied, but centred on the themes of sustainability, health and wellbeing and has included projects such as:

•Workplace sustainability training

•Consumer segmentation analysis

•Solar market review for global solar industry leader

•Market growth strategy for Australian eco-labeling program

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