Sunpower Studios

Sunpower Studios is the world's only completely solar powered, straw bale recording studio. We are the ultimate in low carbon footprint recording. We are snuggled away on 240 acres in a select valley community. Our studio features state of the art recording equipment, highly experienced engineers and access to a prolific array of talented studio musicians. Getting that big city professional sound with the relaxed feel of country ambience, is our big draw card. We provide accommodation for artists during thier project, and the quiet creative environment is ideal for the songwriter. Many musicians go home having written more songs than they have recorded. We have studio instruments for your use while here: Martin and fender guitars, Kurtzweil keyboard, Vintage Ludwig drumkit and much more. For your next demo or full album project, consider saving the planet and your nerves by recording with us. With so much beauty andf tranquility surrounding us, it is hard to believe we are only 45 kM from the thriving town of Mudgee, NSW.  

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