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 Cheap Gadgets Online. We source drones, 3d-printers, and all things tech. We also have a passion for office workers to take a stand for their health and wellbeing.

High precision 3D printer With great quality.(Precision and print quality)

Revolutionize your business with perfectly created models with 3D Printers.(3D Printers for Business)

Making anything u want.(3D Printing)

What can we say… We’re geeks and we love it. We’re based in Queensland and love playing with the latest tech and bringing it to everyday Australians.

It all started with an invention! We created a stand up desk with no screws, nut or bolts… We then realised that generally office workers sit all day and are not only destroying their health they are also not having much fun. We decided to start researching the best gizmos and gadgets to bring fun back into the workspace

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