Advance Enviro-Clean Pty Ltd

Advance Enviro-Clean provides a true eco-friendly alternative.

We not only provide green cleaning but also a high level of sanitisation.We acheive this with the lastest technology in cleaning & sanistising equipment.

This equipment will reduce the consumption of water, energy and reduce water waste. The following are facts on what we are able to achieve.

For an office area of 3000 m2 we can save & achieve:

 • 14,000 litres of water (90 bath tubs) per year.

 • Recycle used water as grey water.

 • Chemicals comply with AS4351

 • Fully biodegradable.

 • No mops & buckets!

 • No cross contamination of bacteria & germs.

All vacuum cleaners are hepa filtered which create a cleaner and dust free environment. Brilliant for allergy & asthma suffers.

To find out how we can achieve these outcomes and provide a cost effective alternative to your cleaning requirements, please don't hesitate to contact Advance Enviro-Clean.

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