Wow Wipes: Antibacterial Gym Wipes

WOW Wipes are specially formulated premium quality Antibacterial Gym Wipes and Disinfectant office wipes that stops germs in their tracks killing 99.99% of bacteria.
Born out of passion and necessity, WOW Wipes was founded by two hard working friends, Jarred Lawrence and Rob Maclachlan. These two mates crossed paths whilst networking as Fitness Club owners and have since developed a disruptive innovation sweeping through Australian businesses?

Jarred and Rob’s vision for the WOW Wipes concept emerged from their shared history in the health and fitness industry. Jarred’s career began as a professional Rugby League player, followed by a successful corporate career in Canberra. His passion for health and fitness drove him to open a Fitness Club alongside his wife Rachel on the Sunshine Coast.



Wow Wipes: Antibacterial Gym Wipes Products

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