B.coz Restaurant

B.coz Restaurant opened in December 1996

- Open Wednesday – Friday - Lunch

- Open Wednesday – Saturday - Dinner

- Seats 50 people

We are Melbourne's only Certified Organic Fine Dining Restaurant. With certification through, NASAA National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

In recent years  B.coz Restaurant has sourced genetically engineered free foods, organic grass fed meats, organic vegetables, bio dynamic grains and flours, all of which support my belief in foods as I have always remembered them to taste.

Flavoursome, beneficial for our bodies and helping to sustain the environment. I try to maximise the benefits of herbs, spices, meats and vegetables combined within a dish, to add flavour and maybe a benefit or two for your body.

With Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Vegetarian menus, together with Organics, I offer you a unique dining experience, matched with our famous winelist, Australia's Highest Awarded Small Restaurant Winelist.

My Organic Australasian Cuisine I serve here at B.coz Restaurant is a blend of all of the flavours that excite me, organic fresh, health driven ingredients, mixed together to taste good and be good for you

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