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Bellamy’s Organic is the only 100% Australian-made, certified organic range of babyfood and family snackfood. Healthy food is essential for healthy development. Babies and young children are most susceptible to potentially harmful chemicals found in some of our food.

Bellamy’s believes that the only way of knowing that the food we give our children is the best we can provide, free from harmful chemicals, is by using organic ingredients. Providing families with safe, organic food that tastes the way nature intended is our mission and will remain our primary objective. We are the only 100% Australian organic babyfood and snackfood choice and will continue to produce only organic food that the whole family can enjoy.

All of our products are free from artificial chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides and GM ingredients. Just pure organic food grown naturally under the warm Australian sun. Bellamy’s Background Bellamy’s started with baby’s first foods – babyrice and babyporridge. We added bakery products such as organic toothiepegs for teething babies.

Then along came our very popular organic apple snacks and more recently, Bellamy’s Organic infant formula range, the only Australian-made organic infant formula. Bellamy’s Organic babyrice – gentle, single ingredient rice cereal that is easy for baby to digest. Bellamy’s use only 100% Australian organic rice, iron-enriched to assist in baby’s healthy growth and development. Bellamy’s Organic babyporridge – An ideal first food, gently processed with no artificial processing aids.

100% Australian organic oats that mixes easily with breastmilk or other fluids and is ready in minutes. Bellamy’s Organic toothiepegs – the only 100% Australian organic teething rusk. Keep them in the fridge as the coldness gives extra comfort to baby’s sore gums during those difficult teething months.

Bellamy’s Organic apple snacks – fresh organic apples, cut into bite-size pieces and freeze-dried to lock in maximum nutrition and flavour. The whole family loves them as the perfect tasty and healthy snack. Bellamy’s Organic infant formula: Step 1 from birth, Step 2 from 6 months and Step 3 milk drink for toddlers. Derived from cow’s milk, which graze naturally on lush organic Australian pasture, Bellamy’s is the only 100% Australian organic choice.

Bellamy’s Organic Farms Products

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