Coffex - Head Office

Coffex Coffee is a proudly Australian-owned eco company offering customers Organic and Fairtrade certified coffee that are available in: bags of beans or ground that are of one kilogram and are served in 250g vacuum packs, or as espresso coffee pods.

This natural medium-strength blend is absolutely perfect for customers who are ethically and environmentally and health conscious. 

Coffex Coffee is dedicated to leading the way in environmental best practice within the Australian coffee industry.

We are committed to taking innovation in energy, waste, water usage, material consumption and quality control that will improve the environmental footprint of our business, whilst improving the quality of life of those throughout our supply chain.

Coffex Coffee is synonymous with the quality and purity its unique and exotic blends of coffee have in transporting the consumer to heavenly states of sensorial experiences.

Our mission is for all people in the world to celebrate the discovery and enjoyment of our delicious, healthy and aromatic coffee.

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