Darlings Down Under

At Darlings Downunder we specialise in modern cloth nappies: reusable nappies that are as easy to use as disposables and as easy to wash as your clothes.

There's no folding, no pinning and no soaking in harsh chemicals!

Darlings Downunder eco products are sourced locally and globally to ensure quality, fit and comfort for your baby. There's a range of fabrics used in our nappies (including organic cotton and sustainable hemp and bamboo) - all tested for superior absorbency and comfort.

Our ultimate mission is to educate people on the ease and benefits of using cloth - economical and environmental.  After all, it's our choice to use cloth nappies over disposables, but not our children's choice in terms of the world we leave them.

Our modern cloth nappies are a viable alternative for parents concerned with the financial cost and environmental impact of disposable nappies.

Darlings Downunder provide the best brands of nappies, great customer service and advice and information around Australia.


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