EcoEssentials - your online organic & fair trade department store Ecoessentials EcoEssentials your online organic department store, is dedicated to delivering premium quality certified organic and fair trade products across Australia.

Our selection process takes into consideration organic certification (no chemicals, no GM, no antibiotics, no hormones, no irradiation), fair trade certification (better deal for third world producers), cruelty free production, as well as recyclable packaging.

Australian made and owned products are our priority.

Store Departments

Our departments include: skin care, dental care, body care, sun care, hair care, cosmetics, feminine, perfume, outdoor (drink bottles, picnic ware, insect repellents, soccer & rugby balls, etc.), inner health, tea and infusers, chocolate, household, bed and bath, homeware, clothes, footwear, toys and games, cards and gift, stationery, and more.

Our Brands

Our brands include: Beauty & the Bees, Botani, Cocolo, Ecodent, EcoLifestyle, ecoLinen, Ecopaper, ecostore, Etiko Sports, Fish 4 Ever, Green&Black's, Hampstead Teas, HUG Fashion, Logona, Maud N Lil, MiEnviron, MiEssence, MiVitality, Mukti Botanicals, Nancy Evans, Natracare, Natural Fashion, No Sweat, Nui, Organature, Organic Formulations, Organique, SIGG Bottles, Soleo Organics, Remarkable, Southern Light Herbs, turtlegreen, UV Natural, Wild Elixir and more!

Customer Service

Our service is quick, friendly and professional. We provide a range of ordering methods as well as payment options. About Us EcoEssentials is a family run business devoted to our customers and our planet.

Our people are dedicated to their ecological beliefs, along with our suppliers. We oppose the exploitation of our planet and it's inhabitants.

We believe the consumer products that we sell should be environmentally sustainable, and the business practices undertaken by our suppliers and ourselves should be ethical and socially responsible to the world's inhabitants and workers in diverse countries.

We urge all consumers to become more aware of environmentally friendly products.

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