Go Green World

Go Green World is an online retailer & wholesaler founded in 2012 committed to offer eco-friendly, organic, trendy and sustainable products and services. Our vision revolves around preserving natural resources and finding sustainable alternatives and to support those that are in real need.

We aim to do so by following various objectives such as promoting eco-friendly, organic, trendy and sustainable products, sourcing maximum number of our products from communities that needs support such as Khamir, Gramshree, Earn N Learn by Manavsadhna, Rustic Art etc. Our entire business model is based on the principle of sustainable development.

We want to support a more environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle and create affiliation with NGOs, Village communities and other such institutions that will help poor families to look to a better future and empower women at risk (such as Gramshree).We work on the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle and actively avoid plastic & petroleum based products.

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