Hillarys Farmers Direct

Buying food from a farmers' market is a great way to buy food that is grown locally and in season. The food is incredibly fresh (usually picked/sourced/created the day before or even the morning of market day) as it hasn't had to travel great distances to get to you. Buying from a farmers' market also allows you to get to know the people who have grown or produced the food. You'll find that many of them share your passion for food!

Our Mission & Passion is to support our local Farmers/Growers and Food Artisans and bring what they do with their passions directly to you OUR local community in the interest of sustainable agriculture and healthier living for all!

Every Saturday Morning Stall Holders will line the walkways and broad walks in the heart of the Events Plaza in Sorrento Quay and in front of The Great Escape & Bella Fontains. Come join us and delight in really truely fresh produce whilst at the same time automatically supporting your local growers, farmers and food Artisans.


What more could one ask for!.......... ‘Meet You At The Markets’

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