Krystel Kleer Pty Ltd

For people living in areas where no town sewage system is available, Concrete and Polymer wastewater & home sewage treatment systems are the modern environmentally friendly alternative.

The wastewater from the household toilets along with the grey water from the laundry and kitchen use is treated by the home sewage or wastewater treatment system and pumped onto the designated area for irrigation. The use of  the home sewage or wastewater treatment systems is another way of recycling water by using clean treated water in the garden area. The use of  Concrete Wastewater Treatment Systems or Plastic Septic Tanks eliminates the need for a grease trap in domestic situations.
At Quality Tanks QLD, we manufacture the Krystel Kleer Wastewater Treatment System for both domestic and commercial markets across QLD and further abroad through our agents. The home sewage treatment systems are manufatured in our production yard and cater for any number of people from 2 to 400 or more. The concrete wastewater treatment systems along with the plastic septic tanks are manufactured to meet the highest standard.
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