NU fruits of the Amazon

NU Fruits of the Amazon is a NZ based green company established in 2004. 

We have three main shareholders with a total of more than 40 years of experience in the Brazilian and the Amazonian region in diverse industries.

At NU Fruits, we believe that the way to protect the Amazon's beautiful forestery is to create and support uses for the trees where it would seem to the locals that those trees have a higher value when left standing. 

Through targeted investment in the leading Açaí processing facilities in the Amazon, application of the most rigorous (and internationally-audited) food safety standards, excellent logistics and a network of sales offices and leading distributors, NU Fruits is the world's leading supplier of Açaí.

We promise that all our Açaí has been sourced in a way that it adhere to the principles of Free Trade - it does not damage or degrade the fragile social and environmental balance and sustainability.

NU Fruits utilises the same idea with a wide range of other South American fruit pulps and extracts such as acerola, cupuacu, guarana and many others. 

If you would like to obtain more information on NU Fruits of the Amazon, please contact us.

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