Notox Box

Notox Box is a monthly box filled with handpicked natural, organic & eco products delivered to your door. 

We help you choose healthier, safer, less toxic products for you and your family. Get a box, decide what works best for you, take the time to read the ingredients, do your research, find out about the people making your products, and then re-visit us and buy the products if you like them. Easy!

Every month we do this...

Handpick... we carefully choose and research our products down to the last ingredient to ensure they have low or no toxic content for you and your body.

Premium... we choose brands who are ethical with their production, process and have eco friendly, sustainable and socially conscious values.

Reviewed... by our naturopath and team, including experts in the health, beauty and eco industry.

Delivered... to your door every waiting in queues!

Discover... new product loves and people positive businesses every month.

Share... come share your favourite finds, and spread the word about going non toxic!

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