The Healthful Pantry

The Healthful Pantry provides you with organic and natural foods in bulk and small sizes ordering in Newcastle. The purpose is not only saving money, but to provide much fresher organic food and the experience of working together. We have multiple suppliers that we carefully choose to align with our mission and we have large community members. 

We provide a wide range and different sizes of products that regularly increased and we order in every 6 weeks. Our products are including but not limited to organic nuts, flour, rice, pasta bread, organic gluten-free products, superfood, vitamins and many more choices. Not only foods, but we also sell organic skincare, body and hair care, dental care, home and cleaning products, feminine hygiene products, and many more. We also supply you glass and stainless steel storage to pack your products. You can simply request what you want to buy in certain sizes and we are happy to serve you.

We encourage anyone to participate in our buying, packing and repackaging our items. You will get to befriend with like-minded people who love organic products, also a discount for their orders. Furthermore, we are welcome for those who want to learn how to use and cook our products. We conduct education and cooking workshops regularly from expertise.

The Healthful Pantry Products

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