Organic Psyllium Gola & Lali For Animal Feed

• Psyllium Gola & Psyllium Lali are by-products of Psyllium (Plantago ovata) processing which possess many medicinal properties of Psyllium Seeds and is used as feed ingredient to poultry, cattle, horse and other animals.
• Psyllium is used as animal feed as it contains large amount of valuable medicinal properties and the 80 percent water-soluble fiber. The large fiber content prevents the sand accumulation in the bowels of the animals in Sandy regions & prevents Sand Colic in animals.
• Psyllium is highly nutritive cattle feed called Gola and Lali, which are rich in protein and carbohydrate and not only increase the milk yield but improves the digesting system & keeps your cattle healthy.
• In Pigs, Psyllium is commonly added to late gestation and lactation diets to aid in delivery of young pigs and to help prevent udder edema. Psyllium is also used in the area of Nursery nutrition in animals. It also slows the passage through the intestine and enhance the utilization of the nutritional components.
• Today many Electrolyte products includes Psyllium to help slow passage through scouring calves and therefore enhance the uptake of the electrolytic salts.
• The Psyllium D Husk Seed is broadly used as cattle feed mainly for Milk giving animals. Due to large amount of valuable medicinal properties and a 20% protein content, it increase the milk off-take. It is conducive to intestinal health of these animals.
• Nutritive value:
o Isabgol Lali contains: 30-40% Crude Protein and 31.3% Ether Extract, 1% Crude Fibre, 28.1% Nitrogen Free Extract, 1.4% Phosphorus and 0.9% Calcium on dry matter basis. Thus, it is good source of protein and energy.
o Isabgol Gola contain about 18-10% CP.
• Inclusion: Isabgol Lali and Gola can be used upto 25% and 50% level, respectively in concentrate mixture for cattle.


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