Animal Liberation ACT

Animal Liberation NSW has introduced an anonymous free-call number for people who witness animal cruelty in rural areas.

Animal Liberation is an animal rights charity and has many branches in all states of Australia and many thousands of supporters.

Animal Liberation believes all animals have a right to live how they would normally choose without other species intervention.

Just like slaves, women and other minorities in society have been able to challenge views on how they should be treated and what their rights should be, Animal Liberation wants to challenge society on its views of all non-human animals. The way we do this is through educational campaigns, public events and using the media to get our message across.

We appear at music festivals and hold monthly public meetings where information about campaigns and actions are discussed and activists can become more involved through these meeting. We are involved in research and advertising to get the message across to consumers regarding treatment of animals who are commonly eaten.

The animal rights movement is a growing one and we intend to maintain our fight for all the non-human animals on this planet until every last one is liberated from suppression.

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