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Crafted from the ground up in 2005, Calico Bags Australia has become one of Australia’s preferred suppliers of bags over the last 5 years. We offer a range of products to various businesses, companies, organisations, councils and even markets and events. With our unique buying power we are able to provide the general public of Australia the opportunity of purchasing large amount of bags at discounted prices. 

We can supply you with plain unprinted bags or decorated calico bags with colours. We also offer a full service digital print, which leaves your bags looking simply stunning.Calico is made from natural cotton materials and is reusable and renewable. 

The material used to make our bags is based on woven cotton which dates back to India and was discovered as early as the 11th century. We at Calico Bags, lead the “no plastic bags movement“ which is supported by various states in Australia. In many states where plastic bags are banned, use our colourful bags to support the environment with printed messages that encourage others to do so as well.For questions or comments simply contact one of our customer service operators today.

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