Dalton Office Products

Dalton Office Products is the distributor of Pilot Begreen pens and we carry a range of other eco stationery (Sellotape, Safe ‘T’ Pak and PiloTape).

We are committed to ensuring that, where possible, environmental products will be offered. We've a range of eco products that are biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.

Dalton Packaging is a major supplier of non woven bags. These eco friendly bags are available in wide range of colours and can be custom designed to your individual requirements. The bags are tough, durable and reusable, which is a great environmental advantage.

Our Aussie Green plastic bags are manufactured with EPI’s TPDA Technology, which is specifically formulated to break down in landfills and composting facilities. They are non toxic to plants and animals and provide an affordable and economically viable solution that is helping the environment. 

Dalton Office Products Products

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