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When using HousePax there is no need to build and tape cardboard boxes, or break them down and throw them away. Each HOUSEPAX may take more energy than a cardboard box to recycle, but each HOUSEPAX can be used up to 400 times before recycling. This is why renting rather than selling HOUSEPAX is a better option to help reduce energy consumed by moving house.

HousePax can help make your move easier. We take sturdy, stackable, plastic boxes and rent them to help your move. After each use, HOUSEPAX are cleaned with an eco-friendly solution and reused up to 400 times before being recycled.

HousePax stack and pack easily ensuring fewer trips. We can deliver HousePax directly to your home, and return a week later to pick up the empty HousePax from your home.

We can customise our packages so the number of HousePax, and the duration of the rental suits your needs. Call us today for a customised order!

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