Housepax Green Moving Boxes

Housepax Green Moving Boxes rents or hires out plastic moving boxes. Rather than spending a fortune on cardboard boxes and having to build the boxes with tape, these plastic moving boxes come with closong lids.

They easily stack and have a dolly to be pushed around tye home on instead of having to always be lifted. the idea is based on reuse before recycle. A cardboard box gets used twice. a housepax gets used up to 400 times before it needs to be recycled. Housepax save you time and money and they stop unneeded waste.

We rent the moving boxes out in bundles to suit the sixe of your house and for tye time period you need. Usually its a seven day rental where we deliver to your house and then collect them from your new home. We also cater to office moves. All for half the price of cardboard boxes.

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