Ecology Termite And Pest

 Ecology Termite & Pest specialise in Termite & Pest Control which is most effective & least toxic to families and the environment. If you're a Investors we look after your properties and your tenants. At Ecology Termite and Pest we get rid of your pests using the most effective and least toxic methods available. We specialise in natural termite control, better known as termite baiting. We have found termite baiting is not widely used in Mackay yet.

Termite Baiting and Direct Colony Eradication are termite treatment methods that kill the nest and get rid of the problem. They have grown up from very small beginnings first researched in the mid 1970’s.

Robert Cameron of Termite Free Naturally did a course with John French on bait-boxing in 1996 and we have been specialising in termite baiting through the family business, Termite Free Naturally, since that time.

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