Pest Police

At Pest Police Australia we only use the best chemicals available. It is worth noting that some unscrupulous operators will claim to use a premium product such as Termidor and actually use a far cheaper and inferior product. To help combat these dishonest businesses we will provide the batch/bottle number for the premium chemical used on your property. If you are obtaining multiple quotes and find that one is considerably cheaper, you should ensure they are using the chemical they have quoted. As the old saying go’s “If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.”

In Australia, termites are sometimes referred to as white ants – a name given to this invader because they have pale bodies with a darker coloured head and small round antennae.

These are clever little critters. Impressively hollowing out timber and leaving a thin surface to hide their handiwork. Disturbingly, termite infestations are often found when it’s too late. By the time they are discovered, often in the skirtings, architraves or floorboards, they have already damaged structural timbers.

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